Which columns will be indexed as ID for autofill in ArrayServer Search

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When a project is published to server, the ID column and ONE master ID column will be indexed for search. However, they may be not listed in auto fill if the annotation table is imported from a file. If the ID is not listed in autofill, it still searchable if it is indexed.

Autofill purely comes from the managed annotations on the server. Anytime, you publish a project to server, the associated .annotation3 file will also be published into server. The ID column and ONE master ID column are used for autofill. Annotation3 file is a database style format file storing annotation data. Omicsoft provides most of annotation3 files for popular MicroArray data and NGS expression results. The file will also be built when you build a new gene model by yourself.

If you have your custom gene/transcript annotation table in a text file, you can build a .annotation3 file using Build Custom Annotation tool. Once you add it to server through Server | Manage | Manage Annotation, they will also shown up in autofill.

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