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VCF Data (Table)




This provides a streaming view of all VCF (Sequenced) files published to the GeneticsLand.

This View is available in the main GeneticsLand context, in the File Management section in Select View:


This view is designed to provide visibility of additional details not stored in GeneticsLand. Only genotypes are stored in GeneticsLand so when browsing the Land or querying for export, only the genotypes will be available. This view provides access to the original source VCF file including the variant and genotype attributes which are not stored in GeneticsLand (select a row to view the detailed genotype attributes below)


Filtering variants (rows)

After selecting which file to stream and waiting for the VCF view to open, switch to the Filter tab on the left where you can filter on the ID column or using coordinates:


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Filtering samples (columns)

To filter to a particular sample(s), switch to the Task tab on the right and select Specify Columns to manage which columns are displayed:


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