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Covariate View




This view plots the distributions of numeric sample attributes, stratified by genotype.

This View is available in the variant search context, in the Summary section in Select View:


Data/Metadata Requirements

By default, all numeric sample attributes from the following sources will be plotted on separate charts

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Implicit pre-processing

Each chart is automatically filtered to only display samples for which the attribute being plotted (as indicated by X axis label) is non-missing.

Customizing This View

Manage Attributes (charts)

To focus this view on the attribute(s) you are interested in, use the Specify Variable Columns option on the Task tab to add, remove, and re-order the attributes.


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Summarize Data

To calculate a PValue from the data, use the Show Summary Information option on the Task tab to add this to the chart along with the statistical method and model.


Tips.pngThe text will appear in front of any data. Use your mouse wheel to scroll down and scale the X axis so that all the data is to the left of the text. Scrolling up scales the Y axis and if you have already done this, you may need to scroll down to bring the Y axis back to the default scale and continue scrolling down for the X axis to begin scaling.
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Two Covariates

To add a second attribute to the view, use the Specify Split Column option on the Task tab to pick a second variable to add to the model


The model summary will update accordingly:


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