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Variable Metadata


Variable Metadata is a way to manage some properties for columns in Land Metadata tables (right click on a column header and select Column Properties to see the currently set properties).

Not all column properties can be managed through this mechanism, the table below gives details on some that can

Column Property Description Details
Category The hierarchical display in the query control pane Use "\" to separate headings e.g. Portions\Analytes\Aliquots
Mode Certain modes are specially handled depending on the context CaseControl columns are used in CaseControl views
ToolTipText Fuller description of column which will be displayed when hovering cursor over column heading Example hovering over RACE
Alias Synonyms or other terms the user might search to find the column Use "|" to separate each alias e.g. Race|Ethnicity
IsPrivate Flag to hide column from general users Default is False, if True, column will only be visible to users with Manage Meta Data access.
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When managing Metadata in an Land, use the Add Variable Meta Data button to add a table of metadata

ManageAssocMeta Buttons.png

Click the Import Table button and select Tab Delimited file


Select a tab delimited text table from your local computer. The first column should contain the variable ID (the name of the column whose properties you wish to set) like this:

VarID	                         Category      Alias	                      ToolTipText
Download link	                 Details		
Year	                         Publication   
Trait	                         Trait	       Phenotype|Endpoint|Measure	
SNVs Before Processing	Details	               Variant|SNP	              Count of variants in the source file

After adding the variable metadata in the example above, we see the ToolTipText and Aliases when hovering over the headings


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