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ArrayServer.cfg configuration in Option Section

Default value = {{{1}}} True


User can login to ArrayServer without specifying username and password (with the box unchecked):


User is login using the company UserID on their computer. User entry is based on Windows authentication UserID. If the user can authenticate within the network containing Array Server, they will automatically be authenticated with Array Server using this same ID. ID is checked using .NET command Environment.UserName (

Tips.png This is not the same as authenticating with LDAP, which requires a separate configuration


When AutoCreateNewUsers=True and UserAuthorization=False, new user will be automatically create user entry when the user first logs in. Array Server will create a default password, that is only used for connecting to the Raw data management system through Windows Explorer or another FTP program. The user can check this password by going to Manage | Update User Profile.

The user will automatically be added to the standard users group, but the ArrayServer administrator can change or add groups for this user.


When set to True, user will have to check the box and login using username/password:


Admin will have to create users in Manage Users with a default password. User can then login to ArrayServer. Once login, the user can check/change this password by going to Manage | Update User Profile.