Updating Single Cell Lands

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How to update Single Cell Lands with new releases

Because of the new metadata structure, including Cluster metadata, OmicSoft recommends a fresh installation of the new Single Cell Land, even if the Land apparently updated properly with an incremental cloud update.

  1. Stop OmicSoft Server (see Typical_way_to_update/restart_ArrayServer)
  2. Delete the folders containing the preview release of Single Cell Lands
    • For example, if your Land directory is at /opt/arrayserver/ArrayServerData/Lands/, You would find four subfolders:
  1. run the command to delete the relevant folders
rm -r ./SingleCell* to delete the Lands
  1. Run OmicSoft Updater to update, and start the server
  2. Install the new Lands with Publish Cloud Lands
    1. We recommend installing the nonUMI Lands first (SingleCellHuman_B37 and SingleCellMouse_B38), then installing the UMI Lands individually
    2. Allow each Cloud publish job to complete before starting the next
    3. The UMI datasets can take a couple of hours to fully publish the data, so don't be worried if it looks like there was no progress for a while