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OmicLand Therapeutic Area

Every project in OmicLands like OncoGEO and HumanDisease is categorized by one or more TherapeuticArea terms. These describe the overall theme of the project, and are a great way to refine the larger Land databases to display the most relevant datasets.

These terms are defined by the FDA: [1].

Viewing datasets by Therapeutic Area

The Project Distribution View will list each project available. In most Lands, each Land is grouped by TherapeuticArea; if projects are grouped by another column, you can change the primary grouping by Specify Histogram Columns in the Task tab (on the right).

Filtering datasets by Therapeutic Area

Projects and samples can be filtered on Therapeutic Area. For example, in the Sample Distribution View, or the Gene FPKM View, or even Comparison Views, you can click on the Project filter tab (on the left), expand the Project Information metadata node, and filter on one or more TherapeuticArea terms.