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Install Mono 4.8.1
  • If not done already, install cmake
    sudo apt-get install cmake
  • Download Mono 4.8.1
    wget -c http://download.mono-project.com/sources/mono/mono-

The bz2 file can be saved to a temporary location, e.g. ~/temp/

  • Compile and install. On the command line, type
    tar jxvf mono-
    cd  mono-4.8.1
    ./configure  --prefix=/opt/mono-4.8.1 --with-large-heap=yes
    make  install


  • The location of mono installed is set by the option "--prefix" in the configure step, which can be changed to another location.
  • The option --with-large-heap=yes is to enable support for GC heaps larger than 3gb, which is required for NGS alignment, as well as some Array Server functions)

Double check mono installation and version

ls /opt/mono-4.8.1/bin/mono* -all
/opt/mono-4.8.1/bin/mono --version
/opt/mono-4.8.1/bin/mono-sgen --version