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Sort profile in Land

In Analysis tab of Arraystudio, users can customize data profile order by Reorder Factor Level. In Land analysis, there are only three ways for users to sort data profile groups, including

  • Original Order
  • Alphabetic Order
  • Median order (data driven)

For example, one adds a custom query to define the categories of sample response to the compound nutlin-3a as below:

1,2,3,6, A, B, C, D, E
<1: A
[1, 2]: B
[2, 3]: C
[3, 6]: D
>6: E

Profile add query 1.jpg

The custom query is named as Compound#CancerRX-ic50@Nutlin-3a.

Then sort by alphabetical order

Profile sort order.jpg

How to reorder profile in Land ?

However, how does the one reorder the profile, like in the order of "A, C, D, B, E"? The user can create another same custom query with a different labels which can be used to sort data by alphabetical order in order to be consistent with the order of "A, C, D, B, E".

1, 2, 3, 6, a1, a4, a2, a3, a5
<1: a1
[1, 2]: a4
[2, 3]: a2
[3, 6]: a3
>6: a5
So, a1 => A, a2 => C, a3 => D, a4 => B, a5 => E 

Profile add query 2.jpg

The custom query is named as Compound#CancerRX-ic50@Nutlin-3a2.

Sort the profile by alphabetical order

Profile alphabetical order.jpg

Remove the plot X-label (Compound#CancerRX-ic50@Nutlin-3a2) and use the previous label (Compound#CancerRX-ic50@Nutlin-3a)

Profile change X label.jpg

Profile new label.jpg

You will see the plot is sorted by the order, "A, C, D, B, E".

Profile new order.jpg