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Users can click Help | Show Land Versions to get a table listing all Lands currently installed on the OmicSoft Server with some key metadata attributes including Version.

Land ShowLandVersions Menu.png


These are the same Versions that display when you hover over the Land Name in the Select Land menu.


For Cloud Lands (IsCloudLand = Y), the Version is defined by the scientist(s) who build the Land and generally follows the convention of LandName_GenomeVersion_DateBuilt_Version where both DateBuilt and Version are updated each time a particular Land is updated.

For internal/local Lands (IsCloudLand = N), the Version is automatically set by the OmicSoft Server as the date of the most recent content modification with the exception of metadata - metadata changes do not cause the Version date to be updated.

Tips.png For GeneticsLands, the caching of top hits for association results will cause this date to change. This caching occurs at the end of the publishing process so would effectively match the date the new association result content was added. However, if the publish process is interrupted, the caching will occur the first time a user accesses one of the views that requires this cache which may be a date after the most recent content was added.