Setting Proxy For Omicsoft ArrayServer

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When Proxy is required for internet connection

When setting ArrayServer, some companies require proxy setting for ArrayServer or OmicsoftUpdater to get correct internet connection. Administrators can set the proxy environment variable in the default.proxy file.

The default.proxy file contains the same content as example .proxy file. The program will automatically use the .proxy file, e.g., OmicsoftUpdater.exe and ArrayServerLinuxBeta.exe, for internet connection.

When Proxy is NOT required for internet connection

When proxy is not required for internet connection, it is important to check that no value is set for no_proxy and NO_PROXY, otherwise it may break Mono.

Administrators can check them by

echo $no_proxy
echo $NO_PROXY

If they return any value, Administrators should unset them before running any mono jobs.

unset no_proxy
unset NO_PROXY

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