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The view is available for all SingleCell lands and can be accessed from the “Select View” list, “Overview” section.

The default display of data is by Sample ID and ClusterCellType, for each CellMap available in the Land. Each chart plots the number of Cell Clusters in each sample, proportional to the fraction of cells in that cluster.


When to Use this View

Use this view to get additional insight into sample-level information, based on single cell data (e.g., immune cell repertoire in tumor samples of interest).

Land Data Requirements

The land must contain Project, Sample, and CellCluster level metadata for the data included in the projects.

Features of the View

A. View legend for the plotted metadata column

B. Chart Tasks


Specify main and secondary grouping of data

Customization and Properties

Change Properties such as the way to display the data (i.e., count/percentage), general chart properties, label types, title patterns, etc.


Trellis options

  • Users can trellis by Row Covariate or Row Cluster
  • Users ca sort the trellis by P-Values (More on Adjusted p value)

Export Data

Users can export plot data in a text editor or Excel

C. Filter Data

Users can filter data by

  • Sample Metadata
  • Project Metadata
  • Cell Cluster Metadata


D. Make a chart Selection and View Details for the selected data

Users can make a selection on the chart, and visualize the Cluster, Sample, Project, or Clinical details of the selected data.