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Enable customers to run STAR on multiple fastq samples in parallel, on server, HPC, or AWS Cloud, resulting in a pair of OmicData objects in an OmicSoft Suite project.

Customer Workflow (via escript)

The above examples contain a fully functional flow on STAR alignment flow, on cloud, with docker.

The following environment preconditions have been set:

  • AMI with docker V19.03.8: ami-012cb9a6d92521948
  • Docker Image (Docker images don't require prerequisites)

A complete STAR flow requires the following steps:

Build index


  • InstanceType: m4.4xlarge
  • Additional Volume: 100GB
STAR Index
Begin Macro;

@NSLOTS@ 20;
@readlength@ 100;
Begin RunEScript /RunOnServer=True;
Files "/VirtualCloudFolder/ArrayServer/Input/GRCh38.p13.genome.fa";
EScriptName StarTest;
Command STAR --runThreadN @NSLOTS@ --runMode genomeGenerate --genomeDir %OutputFolder% --genomeFastaFiles %FilePath% --sjdbGTFfile %Resource1% --sjdbOverhang @readlength@;
Options /ParallelJobNumber=1 /ThreadNumberPerJob=8 /Mode=Single /ErrorOnStdErr=False /ErrorOnMissingOutput=True /RunOnDocker=True /ImageName="" /UseCloud=True /UseDev2=True /OutputFolder="/VirtualCloudFolder/Output/Results/StarIndex" /InstanceType=m4.4xlarge /VolumeSize=100;

Index output folder should contain: