RnaSeq Transcript.GeneVariable

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Shows the Gene RPKM (Reads Per Kilobase per Million mapped reads) for the specified gene, organized by group (e.g. Tumor Type).

RnaSeq Transcript.GeneVariable1.png

When visualizing more than one gene, each gene is shown in its own plot.

X-axis shows Gene RPKM. Y-axis shows the group.

Use the Sample Tab to further filter the data using any associated sample/subject meta data.

RnaSeq Transcript.GeneVariable2.png

RnaSeq Transcript.GeneVariable3.png

Use Specify Profile (Task tab) to change the grouping.

Use Specify Split Column (Task tab) to change the automatic coloring.

Show Summary Information displays an on-the-fly p-value, indicating if the Gene RPKM is significantly changed, of selected group (and split column) using Show Summary Information (Task Tab | Customize). This is calculated by an F-test for One-way or Two-way ANOVA (depending on sample grouping).

RnaSeq Transcript.GeneVariable4.png

RnaSeq Transcript.GeneVariable5.png

RnaSeq Transcript.GeneVariable6.png