Reorder variables or observations in Microarray data

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There are multiple ways to sort variables (genes/probesets) or observations (samples) in Array Studio -Omic data.


Sort Variable Function

One way is via OmicData | Sort Variables and OmicData | Sort Variables.


Step 1: Select -Omic Data to Sort

OmicData SortVariables SelectData.png

Step 2: Select Columns to Sort On


The user can select up to four columns from the Annotation (sorting variables) or Design (sorting observations) table to sort on.

Output Results

After clicking OK, the -Omic data will be sorted, and the rows in the annotation or design table will automatically be updated. This will also cause the re-ordering of corresponding charts.

Sort by Arbitrary Lists

Another way to sort variables/observations is by arbitrary Lists within a MicroArray dataset, using theOmicData | Subset function.

Instead of using a real "subset", you can define a full list of variables/observations in the desired order.



The user can get the observation or variable list order from a Clustering result using export: