Recovering OmicSoft Studio Settings

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Where did my OmicSoft Studio Settings Go?

If you recently updated OmicSoft Studio and find that your server connection and other settings are suddenly missing, you can recover these quickly and get back to work.

  1. In OmicSoft Studio, make note of your current version (e.g. OmicSoft Studio 10.2)
  2. Exit OmicSoft Studio
  3. Navigate to Documents\Omicsoft ( /Users/PearsonJ/Omicsoft/ in Mac )
  4. Find the most recent MyNameArrayStudio_10.x.settings file that isn't the current version number, e.g. PearsonJArrayStudio_10_1.settings
  5. copy this file, and rename it PearsonJArrayStudio_10_2.settings

Your settings have now been copied from your previous version.