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This view shows the Gene Dependency Score for the specified gene, organized by group (e.g. Primary Site). After searching a gene, a user can select this view to determine the Gene Dependency Score in a CRISPR gene dependency screen. As an example, the view below shows the Gene Dependency values for gene BCL2 (Estrogen Receptor):

RNAi Gene View.png

View Usage

The values shown in the view will be Trellised by the Gene Dependency Algorithm used to generate the Dependency scores. The Title of the plot will include the Algorithm used (DEMETER in the example above). A negative value of Gene Dependency indicates the cell line is dependent on this gene.

Users can select cells (dots) in this view that appear to be dependent on the gene:

RNAi DependentLines.png

Alternatively, if a user is interested in a particular cell line, this cell line can be found in the interactive legend to the right of the screen:

RNAi SpecificLine.png

In either use case, clicking on a cell line in the view will populate a details table that can be exported by the user:

RNAi Details.png

Multi-gene searching

When a user searches multiple genes and selects this view, this view will be further trellised by the gene name to provide multiple charts. To view the results in the same view, users can adjust the number of charts in the view (i.e. 2 x 1 below):

File:RNAi multigene.png