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This view displays a "waterfall" gene dependency score for the specified gene for all samples. After searching a gene, a user can select this view to determine the Gene Dependency Score in a CRISPR gene dependency screen. To make it easier to browse CRISPR-screening data from a particular project, this view will be trellised by the Project it came from. As an example, the view below shows the Gene Dependency values for gene ESR1 (Estrogen Receptor):

RNAi Waterfall.png

The values shown in the view will be Trellised by the Gene Dependency Algorithm used to generate the Dependency scores and the project it came from. This is due to some projects potentially using 2 or more algorithms to determine gene dependency. The Title of the plot will include the Title of the project and the Algorithm used (CERES in the example above). A negative value of Gene Dependency indicates the cell line is dependent on this gene.

Users can select cells (bars) in this view that appear to be dependent on the gene and populate a details table that can be exported by the user that includes the per sgRNA fold change values and the Gene Dependency for this sample/gene: