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These AMIs are customized for on-demand cloud-based NGS analysis via OmicSoft Suite's "Server on the Cloud" add-on, to run with Amazon M4-class instances.

We recommend specifying one of the following latest Mono6-based AMIs within your ArrayServer.cfg Cloud Section, e.g.


(replace the Ami and AmiSnapshot parameters based on your region, using the table below).

If you are installing or migrating a new OmicSoft Server installation, we recommend using our pre-built "OmicSoft Server" AMIs.


Mono6-based AMIs

These AMIs were built using the steps described on Building AWS AMI on Ubuntu 20 and mono 6 and are recommended for all OmicSoft Cloud users unless specifically instructed to use a different AMI, or you built your own AMI following the same instructions.

Date Created Region AMI Name AMI ID AMI Snapshot ID
6/2021 US-East-1 (Virginia) Oshell2021Ubuntu20Mono6_latest ami-05a7347f863981611 snap-0eabbc72359aad870
6/2021 US-West-1 (N. California) Oshell2021Ubuntu20Mono6_final ami-05c546faae126e219 snap-05d4ceb017415e1d7
6/2021 US-West-2 (Oregon) Oshell2021Ubuntu20Mono6_final ami-032ae2b3df61b9384 snap-0f29327959a876f8a
6/2021 EU-West-1 (Ireland) Oshell2021Ubuntu20Mono6_final ami-07d88f9dcb03913d4 snap-00608b1de6f30f7c5
6/2021 EU-West-2 (London) Oshell2021Ubuntu20Mono6_final ami-0dced0e67e0cab989 snap-0f34f977647220605
6/2021 AP-Southeast-2 (Sydney) Oshell2021Ubuntu20Mono6_final ami-057b418dc1d0b4887 snap-026d85d3cfd920907

Mono4-based AMIs (previous generation)

AMIs using mono-4.0.4 are based on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.13.0-74-generic x86_64) as backbone. If you do not find an AMI in your AWS region, please contact

Date Created Region AMI Name AMI ID AMI Snapshot ID
4/2020 US-East-1 Oshell2020withMono4.0.4 ami-0bde320b171e25978 snap-01721b011efb794bd
4/2020 US-East-1 Oshell2020withMono4.8.1 ami-01a2919f9c6fff2cb snap-0d9cb6924b1e130c7
4/2020 US-West-1 Oshell2020withMono4.0.4 ami-09b5c06dcd12b190a snap-0650951ba18a68f83
4/2020 US-West-1 Oshell2020withMono4.8.1 ami-095b80125cd8e4c03 snap-0ba2b47d261458123
4/2020 US-West-2 Oshell2020withMono4.0.4 ami-050a064a08b49e7bf snap-075287deec40fcf0e
4/2020 US-West-2 Oshell2020withMono4.8.1 ami-006ed46e83f6bfe25 snap-0d4f5fa74e7d5a31e
4/2020 EU-West-1 Oshell2020withMono4.0.4 ami-09af150b0f74fb260 snap-099b7c18705243e27
4/2020 EU-West-1 Oshell2020withMono4.8.1 ami-0e3559d8de7ff5b86 snap-09cb49c1ff150ee32
4/2020 EU-West-2 Oshell2020withMono4.0.4 ami-0a6ebc7e541be7aa5 snap-060f49b2bad90cf8c
4/2020 EU-West-2 Oshell2020withMono4.8.1 ami-06a55cc91222acc71 snap-0e3df6c4624448e5c
4/2020 AP-Southeast-2 Oshell2020withMono4.0.4_a ami-015566a4be6e8b244 snap-00045baca8be526df
4/2020 AP-Southeast-2 Oshell2020withMono4.8.1 ami-06e88417c8b0c0e11 snap-0932b66a39d0dd7ae

Legacy OmicSoft AMIs

10/2017 US-East-1 OSUbuntuAMI201710 ami-773de00d snap-0997e3979b768dde3
10/2017 US-West-1 OSUbuntuAMI201710 ami-0368984103f05bd1a snap-00978cf8c6caba556
10/2017 EU-West-1 OSUbuntuAMI201710 ami-0a26fb58a407a19ac snap-063bdd16e950379d1
4/2017 US-East-1 OSUbuntuAMI201704 ami-5dbe2a4b snap-07a2e91f794c73678
5/2016 US-East-1 OSUbuntuAMI201605 ami-4033c32d snap-fe96391a
5/2016 US-West-1 OSUbuntuAMI201605 ami-60b5ce00 snap-f85d17de
5/2016 EU-West-2 OSUbuntuAMI201605 ami-1a44537e snap-0ab79d1ce89f6c736

AMI Build History


Built in US-East-1, following instructions below.


built based on ami-4033c32d in 04/2017; fixed the ulimit issue for root user; only users running GATK may hit the issue without this fix.


built based on ami-5dbe2a4b in 10/2017; added basic python, R, and docker; updated OmicsoftUpdater to latest to have more DEV versions


built based on ami-773de00d; updated oshell to, added ENA support and updated Docker.


built base on ami-773de00d; updated oshell to, added ENA support, updated Docker, and added mono4.8.1 (in mono-4.0.4 directory); only use if cloud jobs occasionally crash unexpectedly.