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OmicSoftUpdater.exe is a command-line tool to keep ArrayServer and Oshell up-to-date.

To ensure you have the latest version of Array Studio GUI, please run Array Studio Launcher.

Downloading OmicsoftUpdater.exe

OmicsoftUpdater.exe will be found in the same directory as your ArrayServer or Oshell directory. If You need an updated version of OmicsoftUpdater.exe, it can be downloaded from

To download from Linux command-line use

wget -c

Command options

Tips.pngLinux users must run OmicsoftUpdater with mono, e.g.

/path/to/mono.2.10.9/mono /path/to/ArrayServer/OmicsoftUpdater.exe
OmicsoftUpdater.exe [BackUpVersion:True|False] [ThreadNum:1-32] [--dev]
  • BackUpVersion: True/False (Default True). Whether to back up the current version of ArrayServer/Oshell in a subfolder before updating.
  • ThreadNum: Numeric (Default 1). Number of threads used to update.
  • --dev: Update to the latest DEV release. Only use if suggested by OmicSoft bioinformatics support.

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