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ArrayServer.cfg configuration in Option Section

Default value = [My Documents]\Omicsoft (under Windows) or /home/[UserName]/Omicsoft (under Linux)

The Omicsoft directory is used to contain folders used in Server-based projects.

This is similar to the standard Omicsoft home directory in Array Studio and contains folders for Annotation and ReferenceLibrary, among others.

This folder could become large if users are running NGS commands.

It is recommended that this folder be contained on a local drive, with up to 100gb of space available.

A standard Omicsoft home folder will contain:

Affymetrix Folder

Annotation Folder

Backup Folder

DataService Folder

Favorites Folder

GenomeBrowser Folder

Log Folder

Mapping Folder

Ontology Folder

Plugin Folder

ReferenceLibrary Folder

RemoteSessions Folder

RScripts Folder

ServerCache Folder

Temp Folder

Settings files