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Prebuilt AMIs for OmicSoft Server in Amazon Web Services

OmicSoft provides and recommends using these pre-built "Amazon Machine Images" (AMIs) for quick, straightforward setup of your OmicSoft Server in the AWS Cloud environment. These AMIs were built following the steps on Install_OmicSoft_Server_On_Ubuntu_20.

For the latest detailed instructions on configuring this AMI and the Cloud Analysis add-on, e-mail After receiving the instructions, a new OmicSoft Server can be started quickly from the AMI corresponding to your region.

Date Created Region AMI Name AMI ID
August 2021 us-west-1 (California) OmicSoft Server UW1-mono6-ubuntu20-20210810 ami-0cd5dae5e75dc344b
August 2021 us-west-2 (Oregon) OmicSoft Server UW2-mono6-ubuntu20-20210810 ami-076d9cec977739f6c
August 2021 us-east-1 (Virginia) OmicSoft Server UE1-mono6-ubuntu20-20210810 ami-0a1cded2dc8eb1b36
August 2021 eu-west-1 (Ireland) OmicSoft Server EW1-mono6-ubuntu20-20210810 ami-0e77d00bf2110121e
August 2021 eu-west-2 (London) OmicSoft Server EW2-mono6-ubuntu20-20210810 ami-0c517fb8df09fbef3
August 2021 eu-central-1 (Frankfurt) OmicSoft Server EC1-mono6-ubuntu20-20210810 ami-0cdf9fd011bd280be
August 2021 ap-southeast-2 (Sydney) OmicSoft Server ASE2-mono6-ubuntu20-20210810 ami-027cd9e5723104448
August 2021 ap-northeast-1 (Tokyo) OmicSoft Server ANE1-mono6-ubuntu20-20210810 ami-08bb7fde284a9f70b

Whether or not you use OmicSoft's prebuilt Server AMIs, we recommend using our Analysis AMIs for OmicSoft Server on the Cloud: Pre-built_OmicSoft_Ubuntu_AMIs