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Definitions for Common Land Metadata Columns


The OmicSoft Curation Team processes hundreds of disease-related projects every quarter, which includes carefully categorizing every sample's metadata, to ensure that you can find the data you are interested in.

Sample metadata are derived from metadata submitted to GEO, as well as from the source publication.

Every metadata column has a precise scope, but the logic can sometimes be unclear to the new user. This page will provide definitions and examples for the most commonly-used metadata columns.


  • Disease Category
  • Disease State
  • Sample Pathology


  • Tissue Category
  • Tissue
  • Cell Type
  • Sample Source


  • Treatment: For in vitro studies, describes the treatment on a sample.
  • Subject Treatment: For in vivo studies, describes the treatment.
    • If the same subject was sampled before and after treatment, Subject Treatment will be the same, but Treatment Status will indicate which sample is post-treatment
  • Treatment Status: Indicates an individual sample's treatment, if the sample came from a Subject (i.e. patient) that was sampled pre- and post-treatment