ODP setup for Windows ArrayServer using Oracle Database

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When Windows ArrayServer is using Oracle as database, the recommended option is to use "Oracle Data Provider for .NET" (ODP) connection.

Install Oracle Data Access Components

  • Download the oracle data access components from Oracle, the current recommendation is to use 64-bit ODAC 11.2 Release 5 ( Xcopy for Windows x64
  • Unzip zip file
  • Read the readme.htm file
  • Start command line cmd (RUN as administrator)
  • Install all ODAC products using command install.bat all c:\oracle odac

Configure the ArrayServer.cfg

Add the following database section in ArrayServer.cfg.



Provider: either Sqlite or Oracle or ODP (Windows ArrayServer only for direct ODP connection) (if Sqlite is specified the other options are ignored)

Server: specify the location of the Oracle server (IP address)

Port: specify the port of the Oracle server

DataSource: specify the name of the oracle database to be used

DataFileDirectory: species the location of the tablespace files

User: specify the oracle user to be used for accessing the database

Password: specify the password for the oracle user for accessing the database