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AssociationSets in GeneticsLand

An AssociationSet in an OmicSoft GeneticsLand is simply a list of interesting association analyses, but it optionally can have additional metadata columns, such as reason of interest, comments on quality, or essentially anything else you might find useful. An AssociationSet can be created by selection or filters of view contents or imported from a user-created text file. AssociationSets are stored on the OmicSoft Server and can be shared with other users.

Create/Group AssociationeSet from Selection/Filter

Once the user has a subset of association analyses of interest, the user could create or group an AssociationSet from selection/filter from the Action tab:


Create Association Set From Selection/Filter will create a Set only with the association analyses of the user's selection; while Group Association Set From Selection/Filter will create a set of all analyses with an annotation column indicating whether an analysis is of the user's selection:


In the Upload AssociationSet window:

  • Give the set a Name, add/select at least 1 Tag, and optionally enter a Description (strongly recommended).
  • Access to the set will have some default settings based on the configuration done by your system administrators. You can modify the Reader/Editor groups or choose to make it Private.
  • The Metadata tab will automatically be populated based on the Action you chose:

AssociationSet3.png AssociationSet4.png

Create Actions will create a set containing only the Selected/Filtered sub-set of analyses as in the example above.

Group Actions will create a set containing all analyses with an additional annotation column indicating whether the analysis is selected or not. This could be used to compare the selected and unselected analyses in result views.


Load AssociationSet from text files

The user could also create an AssociationSet by uploading text files:

Go to Manage Association Sets:


In the Manage Association Sets window, Add:


In the MetaData tab, upload your pre-created txt file with a list of AssociationIDs through Load from tab delimited file:


Use AssociationSet for new Land queries

AssociationSets can be used to customize grouping, filtering, and data exporting. The user could easily use the AssociationSet information to compare analyses and visualize analyses in preferred way.





Data Exporting: