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Moving Dimension Reduction "clustering" coordinates to OmicData Objects

As a prerequisite to plotting a ScatterColorView with gene expression intensity on dimension reduction/clustering scatter plots, you must first move X and Y coordinates to the Design table of an OmicData object.

This workflow will show how to do this quickly and easily.

Step 1: Select Add Columns From Table

You will move columns from one table to another, so use Add Columns From Table in the Table menu.


Step 2: Select your OmicData object's Design Table (Destination)

You want the coordinates to end up in your Design Table of the OmicData (expression), so select this first. Find your OmicData object, and select the Design table listed beneath it.


Step 3: Select the source table with coordinates

Whether the coordinates are in another Design Table, imported results, or the output table from a tSNE analysis, select the table with your coordinates.


Step 4: Select Columns To Copy

Finally, select the columns to copy from the source table to the destination, including the coordinate columns, and any other useful metadata that you'd like to add.