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Manage Server Jobs allows the user to view a list of recently completed ArrayServer jobs, and manage currently running jobs.

The Server Jobs window will be displayed when a user submits a job from Array Studio, or by clicking Manage | Manage Server Jobs:


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Server Job Information

Server ManageJobs Window.png

The Server Jobs window will display a sortable list of current and recent jobs on ArrayServer, with the following information:

  • Job ID: A unique identifier assigned to each job.
  • User: The Array Studio user name of the individual who submitted the job.
  • Project: The name of the ArrayServer project being analyzed or processed.
  • Type: The name of the function being run.
  • Priority: The priority level of the job.
  • Status: The status of the job
    • Submitted jobs:
      • Initialized: The job has been submitted but not entered in the queue
      • InQueue: The job is registered in the queue but not currently being processed
      • Running: The job is currently running
      • RunningWithErrors: The running job has encountered an error, but is continuing to run (may have encountered a bad sample, check the log)
    • Finished jobs:
      • Finished: The job completed without any errors
      • FinishedWithErrors: The job completed, but had been RunningWithErrors (check the log)
      • Cancelled: A user chose to cancel the analysis before job completion
      • ErrorOccurred: The job encountered an error that required the analysis to stop (check the log)
  • Created/Executed/Finished: ArrayServer Date and Time for job submission, execution, and completion
  • Progress: Indicator of the percent completion of a running job.
  • Message: The latest status line of a running job.
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Server Job Management

Right-clicking on a job will provide various options (depending on the users privileges):


  • View Full Log: View the full log of a running or completed job.
  • Cancel Job: Cancel a job that is currently running.
  • Remove Job: Remove a job from the Server Jobs list.
  • Remove Completed Jobs: Remove user's own completed jobs from the Server Jobs list.
  • Remove Completed Jobs (All Users): Remove completed jobs for all users.
Tips.png Users can see a list of all users' jobs, but can only perform the above operations on their own jobs.
Tips.png Server administrator can perform all the above operations on all users' jobs
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