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Manage Project Meta Data


Users with sufficient Land privileges can manage columns of attributes relevant to association result sets.

For example, columns can be added, updated, or removed, and Meta Data can be organized/grouped to be better organized in the Filter window.

To access this function, click Manage | Samples | Manage Project Meta Data:


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ManageProjectMeta Buttons.png


Meta data columns can quickly be added for one or more Projects.

The input table should have ProjectNames in the first column. Additional columns can contain data (groupings, study attributes, etc).

Clicking Add/Replace will bring up the following window:

Land AddReplaceSampleMetadata Window.png

A table with Project Names in the first column and additional metadata columns can be added in the following ways:

  • tab-delimited file: A text table, with data in a row separated by tabs
  • .osobj file: An OmicSoft Table object from an Analysis project, saved as an osobj file.
  • local analysis: An OmicSoft Table object from an Analysis project.
  • triplets: A tab-delimited file for sparse data, where column 1 is sample ID, column 2 is variable name, and column 3 is the value. See an example here.

Only Projects included in the table will be added or updated. By default, existing metadata columns will not be removed, even if they are excluded from the table.

  • Clear existing attributes for existing samples: If selected, and the metadata table includes Projects already in Land, but the new table is missing columns currently in Land, the data in these columns will be cleared for those Projects.

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In addition to the structured metadata in table format, you can also attach files. Click the Attach button to open a window for managing attachments:


Select the project whose attachments you would like to manage. There are four buttons:

  1. Attach - to add a new attachment(s)
  2. View - to view an attachment
  3. Remove - to remove an attachment
  4. Clear - to remove all attachments

Clicking Attach will bring up a browser to select file(s) from the mapped folders:


Since attachments may contain sensitive information, they are access-controlled at the project-level. Only users with the full Read access will be able to see attachments. To ensure unauthorized users cannot access the attachments outside of the Land, we suggest locating these files in a single folder whose access can also be controlled.

After adding / removing the attachments, click OK to save the changes. If a user has access to any projects with attachments, they will see a special metadata column listing the number of attachments in the Project Details table view:


Clicking on the button will open a window where the user can select an attachment and click OK to view it:


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Add Variable Metadata

Clear Selected

To clear metadata for Projects, first select those Projects in the table, then click Clear Selected. When the following warning pops up:

Land ClearSampleMetadata Window.png

click Yes. The metadata for selected Projects will be removed.

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Remove Selected

To remove ALL meta data for selected Projects, first select those Projects in the table, then click Remove Selected.

You will see the warning


Click Yes to permanently remove the meta data for those selected Projects.

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