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Measurement data is orthogonal data associated with Land Omics Data, such as compound/drug screening and RNAi data. User can add measurement data to create views and query the land omics data.

20131022 Land.MeasurementData1.png

Further reading

A detailed guide to OmicSoft measurement data

Import measurement data

User can add measurement data in Manage | Measurement | Add Measurement Data:

The measurement data source file should have columns for Sample ID matching Land samples, measurement label column containing compound/screening names, and one or more measurement columns. Example of IC50 table below:

20131022 Land.MeasurementData2.png

User can browse the measurement data using Manage | Measurement | Manage Measurement Data:

20131022 Land.MeasurementData3.png

User can also add measurement meta data in Manage | Measurement | Add Measurement Meta Data:

20131022 Land.MeasurementData4.png

These meta data will be attached to each compound when browsing them in Manage Measurement Data window.

Search/Visualize measurement data

Once measurement data is imported, the measurement labels (such as compound names) are searchable in the search box:

There are boxplot and heatmap views for this compound:

20131022 Land.MeasurementData5.png

Measurement Queries

Measurement data can also be used to query Land Omic Data in custom query in any Sample tab:

Add measurement query.png

User can categorize the measurement data into categories, such as sensitive and resistant, using numeric break points or directly labeling. Here we categorize the drug IC50 values for Nutlin-3a by:

  • <3: sensitive
  • Between 3 and 6: Middle
  • >6 Resistant

20131022 Land.MeasurementData7.png

The custom query results can be used as a filter and profile column in views for Omics data.

20131022 Land.MeasurementData8.png

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