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Manage Land Access for Users and User Groups

This ExecuteCommand command will add or remove users/user groups from permissions for a specific Land. Land access control can also be managed from GUI.


  • Land Name: Specify the Land name to change permissions on.
  • IsGeneticsLand(optional): If the Land is a GeneticsLand, specify True.
  • UserControl.AccessType: For each AccessType to change, specify the users and user groups to be granted access.

Access Types

Specifying users

For each Access Type specified in the script, the full list of user groups (and any users) must be listed; any group or user not listed in the script will be removed from the access type for the given Land.

Users are specified only by userID; user groups must be prefixed with [UserGroup]. Entries should be separated by commas.


UserControl.Read=[usergroup]curators, [usergroup]standard users, [usergroup]administrators, gary

Example Oscript

Begin ExecuteCommand /Namespace=Server;
Server "tcp://" /UserID=admin /Password=xxxxxx;
Command ManageLandUserControl;
UserControl.Read=[usergroup]curators, [usergroup]standard users, [usergroup]administrators, gary
UserControl.Download=[usergroup]curators, [usergroup]standard users, [usergroup]administrators, gary
UserControl.Refresh=[usergroup]administrators, gary
UserControl.ManageSet=[usergroup]curators, [usergroup]standard users, gary
UserControl.ManageMetaData=[usergroup]administrators, gary
UserControl.ManageMeasurementData=[usergroup]administrators, gary
UserControl.ViewBamFiles=[usergroup]curators, [usergroup]standard users, [usergroup]administrators, gary
UserControl.AccessClinicalData=[usergroup]administrators, gary";
OutputFile None;