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Manage GeneticsLand User Access

Manage Land User Access


This function allows ArrayServer administrators to control which users have access to different levels of Land data.

This can be accessed by opening a Land, then clicking Manage | Manage User Access:

GeneticsLand ManageUserControl Menu.png


GeneticsLand ManageUserControl Window.png

For each access level, User Groups and Users can be included in access.

Administrators always have full control, even if access is not explicitly granted for an access level. However, if all other User Groups are deselected, please select Administrators.

Access Levels

  • Read/Search: Users will see the Land and be able to explore Land data.
  • Write/Publish: Users will be able to publish genetic data to the Land.
  • Refresh/Rebuild:Users will be able to Refresh_Land.
  • Manage Sets: Users will be able to edit SampleSets, GeneSets, and ComparisonSets.
  • Manage MetaData:Users will be able to update/add metadata.
  • Manage Measurement Data: Users will be able to Manage Measurement Data.
  • Access Clinical Data:Users will be able to view extended "clinical" metadata for samples.
  • Import Association Report:Users will be able to publish OmicSoft association reports, Genomic Text Tables (GTT) to the Land.
  • View BAM Files:Users will be able to open linked BAM files for Land samples that they have selected.

User Controls

  • User Groups: Specify which groups will have access to the given data/function
  • Users: Specify individual users that will have access to the given data/function

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