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Shows the Mass Spectrometry (MS) Ratio (Sample vs Universal Human Reference) for the specified gene, organized by group (e.g. Tumor Type).

Mass spec.png

Data available in land are log2 ratios (iTRAQ) taken exclusively from the Broad Institute and PNNL. There are two types of protein levels reported: 1) overall protein levels and 2) variant levels (i.e. phosphorylation). For example, note the entries for BRAF above.

MS data does not exist for all proteins encoded in the transcriptome, so this view may be empty for many genes.

When visualizing more than one gene, each gene is show in its own plot.

X-axis shows MS Log2 Ratio (Universal/Human Reference). Y-axis shows the group.

Use the Sample Tab to further filter the data using any associated sample/subject meta data. Use Specify Profile (Task tab) to change the grouping.

Use Specify Split Column (Task tab) to change the automatic coloring.

Show on-the-fly p-value, indicating if the RPPA Ratio is significantly changed, of selected group (and split column) using Show Summary Information (Task Tab | Customize).

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