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Remap Association IDs

This module will update the ID of an Association (or list of Associations) in a GeneticsLand. It will update both the genetic data which has been loaded and the Association Metadata but not Association Sets.

Warning.png WARNING: To avoid conflicts, the best approach is to first Remove (not Clear) any existing Association Metadata for the affected associations BEFORE running this module. After this module has been run and all the association IDs updated as needed, then re-load the correct Association Metadata


To run this module, from the Land tab, with the relevant Land selected, click Manage | Associations | Remap Association IDs


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Input Data Requirements

Text file with two tab delimited columns mapping the existing association name to the new name where the first row is assumed to be a header like:

oldID newID
compoundY efficacy compoundY efficacy no covar
asthma meta analysis asthma meta analysis european
compoundX rash compoundX rash all studies

Note, if any of the new names already exist in the Land, the operation will fail

This includes if the value in column 2 matches the value in column 1 to leave associations "unmapped" - this will fail!

If you need to correct a "swap" (e.g. Analysis_A's results was loaded as Analysis_B and vice versa), you will need to do 3 updates:

  1. Remap Analysis_A to Analysis_A.shouldBeB
  2. Remap Analysis_B to Analysis_A
  3. Remap Analysis_A.shouldBeB to Analysis_B

Warning.png WARNING: Be sure to Remove any Association Metadata before staring the first Remap and re-load it after the final Remap (having corrected the swap in the metadata file you are loading if necessary).

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Select Land

Use the dropdown menu to select which Land to update. The default selection will be the Land that was active when you selected this menu option. All other opened Lands will be listed. If you don't see the Land you want listed, Cancel out of the dialog and open the Land using the Select Land button.


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Browse to File

  1. Click the Browse button
  2. Navigate to & select the mapping file
  3. Click Open
  4. The File path will be populated


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Send To Queue

Click Send To Queue to submit the job.


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Output Results

After the job completes, you will need to log off the Server and log back on to see the changes.

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