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Add Cloud-Based Lands to Server


OmicSoft lands are delivered to your Array Server installation via Amazon Cloud. This ensures that you always have the most up-to-date content. In addition, the footprint on your server is small because Land data are dynamically streamed to your local cache on-demand. In order for users to see the land content in Array Studio, administrators will need to go to the Land tab of Array Studio. From here, you can choose the option:


Publish Cloud Lands

Here you should see a list of lands on the right. Simply highlight all the ones you want to see in ArrayStudio and click send to queue:



This will submit a server job where the data will be downloaded from our cloud and cached on your ArrayServer. Please note, you can highlight all lands to download in one server job. However, you should not break this into multiple jobs at once (i.e. download 2 lands and simultaneously repeat the steps above and download another 2 at the same time). This will cause database issues and corrupt the lands on your server.

Error Messages

Failed to connect to for cloud based land operation

If you see a message Failed to connect to for cloud based land operation when you click the OmicSoft Cloud Land Data Service menu item, this means that your local computer cannot reach (which is different from Check with OmicSoft Support to see if there is a host domain issue, then check with your IT department to update your local firewall settings to allow connections to this domain.