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Users with Administrator credentials can use the GUI interface to connect their ArrayServer to any of the GeneticsLands hosted by Qiagen. Under the Land Tab, Select Tools and identify Publish Cloud Based GeneticsLands:


A new menu will appear with options to select from a List of Available Cloud GeneticsLands (on the right). In the example below, we will select from Association Collection Lands GxL.Associations_B37 and GxL.PheWAS_B37. After selections have been made, choose to Send to Queue:


Navigate to the Server Tab to visualize the Server Jobs. You will see a CreateCloudArrayLand job running:

To visualize the Land under Select Lands, please Log Off the ArrayServer.
SelectLand GeneticsLands.png

On the ArrayServer the CreateCloudArrayLand job will generate a folder for each Land and download the cloud land files as below.

Acquiring Top Hits Cache

These steps apply to GxL.Associations [[1]] and GxL.PheWAS [[2]] Lands only.

OmicSoft is working to improve the query performance of the association-based lands. When associations are searched for the first time, the first search can take 10-30 minutes during which a cache is built to speed up subsequent searches. To improve search performance, we have pre-cached the Lands.

ArrayServer admins can download the caches here:

Before getting started, you should locate the version of the GeneticsLand that is currently on your ArrayServer. You can do this through the GUI. Under the Land tab, locate HELP on the tool bar and find Show Land Versions.


Clicking show land versions will open up an excel document that lists all your Lands. Find the GeneticsLand under landname and location the Version information:


Step 1: Navigate to your GeneticsLands directory on your ArrayServer: BaseDirectory/GeneticsLands and locate the folder for the Land, such as GxL.Associations_B37
Step 2: Use wget to download the cache (that matches the Land version) from to the Land folder.

Step 3: Then, replace the Observations.db file with the cached Observations.db file.

Step 4: The final step is to search multiple associations in the Land, you should see that browsing multiple associations that the query should be fast. Sometimes you will see a status window appear. If this window pauses at "Concatenating tables" then the land has been cached.

Setting User Privilege to view data in the GeneticsLands

Please redirect to the ManageGeneticsLandUserControl wiki page [[3]]to next follow the steps to set read access for the Land and for projects within the Land. This will allow standard users to access the Land data.