Land Explorer did not find any lands from your server

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Very rarely, users would see error saying: "Land Explorer did not find any lands from your server! Please contact your server administrator."


This happens when installing old version of LandExploer (before 20180101) and connecting to ArrayServer with Lands released after 2018_Q2, so update the LandExplorer might solve this issue.

If the error still shows up, connect to ArrayServer and check lands from ArrayStudio, make sure Lands are available.

Another cause for this issue might be some temp Land DB files got corrupted. By check server user activities, there might be some error for Landexplorer account, as shown below:

Object reference notset instance.jpg

Check ArrayServer.log in the BaseDirectory to see if there's any record for any certain Land with corrupt DB files. If so, login to ArrayServer as Admin, and refresh that Land. A common cause for this error would be if metadata in a Land has been modified, without refreshing the Land. If users could not narrow down to a certain Land, simply refresh all lands would solve the issue.

Refresh all lands.png