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Install R locally



Install R, and scde package on Linux machine would be painful. If users have full access and control to the machine (CentOS), 1) update yum. 2) sudo yum install R -y. 3) shutdown and reboot.

sudo yum install epel-release
sudo yum update
sudo shutdown -r now

Install R locally on CentOS

Download and compile the original source package, users could install R locally, for example: /home/jdu/locallApp/R-3.4.1

[jdu@oss19 locallApp]$ Sudo yum install readline-devel 
[jdu@oss19 locallApp]$ wget
[jdu@oss19 locallApp]$ tar xvf R-3.4.1.tar.gz
[jdu@oss19 locallApp]$ cd R-3.4.1
[jdu@oss19 R-3.4.1]$ ./configure --prefix=/home/jdu/locallApp/R
[jdu@oss19 R-3.4.1]$ make
[jdu@oss19 R-3.4.1]$ make install

Download source code package:


Make install:


Install tools required for R installation

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