How to resolve unequal plot heights in trellised plots

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How to make sure that all plotted data are displayed in equal-dimension charts

OmicSoft Studio supports plotting of multiple trellised charts in a single window. In some cases, especially when only a few charts are available, the label row can lead to compressing of the last several charts.

This is caused by setting the number of charts to display higher than required to display all of the data. For example, if you have only six charts to display, but set the chart layout to 3*3, an entire row is occupied to plot three empty charts, forcing the label to be on the lowest row of charts with data.


To resolve this layout issue, set the chart layout so that there are no empty rows. For example, if there are only five or six charts, use a 2*3 or 3*2 layout. All charts will be displayed at equal heights.

Tips.pngYou can set the chart layout to be any number of rows X columns, not just the pre-set dimensions.