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When a user connects to ArrayServer and launches a land, a local cache folder will be generated in the user's local drive. Normally, if the user hasn't modified the OmicSoft home folder, the default location should be:


For instance, here is the local cached folder for the land named as TestLand on the server of Daniel_Test07:


Sometimes, changes to Land data or metadata will not be immediately visible to the user, because the cache is still marked as "up-to-date". To force a re-sync with the remote Land data, the user can delete the local cache.

User can delete the Land folder to clear the Land local cache. Once the user logs in to the server of Daniel_Test07 and opens the Land TestLand on the server, a new folder for this Land's local cache will be generated at the same location (it may take some time to download some index files in cache). Files in the local Land cache can get corrupted and cause errors that are only replicable on that user's computer.

Sometimes, when connected over VPN, the download of this cache can get interrupted/corrupted, even if the VPN speed is strong/fast. 

Tips.pngHow to find the exact location
  • open OmicSoft Studio
  • Analysis - Tool - Preferences - Advanced
  • Check the OmicSoft home directory