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How to download and view a Project Land in OmicSoft Studio

Projects in a land can be viewed by opening the Project Distribution View, or by opening the Sample Distribution View and changing to the Project Metadata Details option.

              ProjectDistributionView DownloadProject.png

Step 1: Selecting projects in the horizontal bar plot will display a table view with project details - in the bottom part of the screen.

By clicking Project Name user selects actual project name to be downloaded.

Step 2: By clicking Download Project a dialog opens:


Project metadata is used to choose the specific project to download by suffixing project name with platform.

By clicking Download button, project download starts and will be downloaded in: \ServerProjects\CurrentUser folder- located under 'BaseDir' of a typical OmicSoft Server installation.

Step 3: A progress dialog with download status opens. After project is downloaded and user is prompted to open project in Solution Explorer.

Solution Explorer view for downloaded project can be seen below:


How to download and view a Project Land in OmicSoft Viewer

ProjectLand download can be performed from Array Viewer also. The steps described above for Array Studio should be performed in Array Viewer to select project and download it. Instead of automatically opening project in Solution Explorer as for Array Studio, in Array Viewer user has to use Search wizard from Server tab to search project and open it.

Search project on server

              ArrayViewer SearchSCProject2.png

Open searched project

              ArrayViewer SearchSCProject3.png

Viewing the project

              ArrayViewer OpenSearchedSCProject.png