How to back up Land SampleSets

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Downloading Land SampleSets

To back up SampleSets you created in Lands, you can either download to a local project, or save as a text file. From here, you can explore the metadata in the SampleSet or upload it to a new Land with matching IDs.

Step 1: Manage SampleSets


Open the Manage SampleSet menu under Manage | Samples | Manage Sample Sets.

Step 2: Select SampleSet to Back Up


Click on a SampleSet of interest to preview the data before you save it.

Step 3a: Save SampleSet to Local Analysis


If you have a local project open in the Analysis tab, select Add To Local Analysis, which will copy the SampleSet table to the Analysis project. This can quickly be loaded to a new SampleSet with Manage Land SampleSets.

Step 3b: Save SampleSet to Text File


You can also choose to save the SampleSet table to a text file.

Step 4: load SampleSets

You can load new SampleSets from a table by clicking Add Sample Set.