How can I analyze NGS data on a list of customized region only

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If you only have a couple of regions, you can specify regions in "Filtered by region" for one region, chr9:133710831-133763062, or more regions separated by |, chr9:133710831-133763062|chr22:23522552-23660224.

If you have a list of regions, you can prepare these regions in .bed file and load the bed file as “Customized regions” for NGS analysis.

20130523 Customizedregions.png

Here is one example bed file (example.bed) (tab-delimited text file)

chr7	55086725	55275031
chr7	116312459	116438440
chr17	7571720	7590863
chr12	6643657	6647536
chr12	25358180	25403854