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Hardware requirements

Land Explorer works as an IIS web server which connects Array Server and the client to provide visualization for Land data in internet explorer. To maximize the user experience, Omicsoft recommend the following hardware configuration for our server customers.

Landexplorer hardward.png

Item 2-5 concurrent users 6-10 concurrent users 10+ concurrent users
Operating system Windows Windows Windows
Required windows version (for windows server) Windows 10 WinServer 2012R2 or above Windows Server 2012R2 or above Windows Server 2012R2 or above
CPU 2-4 cores (2.3G+) 2-8 cores (2.3G+) 4-8 cores (2.3G+)
Memory (**1) 4G+ 8G+ Load Balancer recommended
Storage type IDE 5400+ rpm/SATA or file server File server recommended File server recommended
Storage space 300G+ 1TB+ 1TB+
Networking (**4) 1 GbE NIC 1 GbE NIC 1 GbE NIC

  1. Baseline memory footprint is dependent on how many concurrent users the LandExplorer server would support, (~4GB for 2-5 users with access to LandExplorer Server with all OmicSoft Lands). Additional memory is required for more users.
  2. Most of the 10k+ rpm IDE hard drives (or SCSI drives) have a maximal capacity 400GB.
  3. Networking speed between server and clients are largely dependent on the server upload/download speed.

Other Requirements / Suggestions:

  • The performance of the server is largely determined by the I/O speed. Therefore, we do not recommend USB external hard drives. Local hard drives are strongly recommended.

LandExplorer Server can also be hosted on a remote desktop VM or an AWS instance.

Software requirements:

  1. Ensure ArrayServer is running
    • Libgdiplus.so.0 must be properly mapped in the mono config file. See this page for details.
  2. (Recommended) Install Array Studio on Web Server machine (makes troubleshooting easier)
    • Check connections
  3. Install IIS and ASP.NET 3.5/4.5 on Web Server machine
  4. Create Service Account for accessing Web Server

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