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Carrier Sample Details




This table view provides an un-pivoted list of coding genotype with both sample attributes and variant annotations.

This View is available in the single gene search context, in the Sequenced section in Select View:


Data/Metadata Requirements

Since this an un-pivoted (tall-skinny) list of genotypes, it can easily become very large and impractical (number of rows will be the product of sample count and variant count). To keep the row count to a reasonable size, it will be filtered to rare coding variants by default using the cross-population frequency as reported by gnomAD to define rareness:


Please ensure your GeneticsLand has the latest gnomAD classifier specified.

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Implicit pre-processing

In addition to pre-filtering to rare variants, it will also be filtered to coding variants. Specifically, those predicted based on the specified gene model:


Customizing This View


  • Specify Columns: By default, this table will include additional columns with the sample attributes (i.e. those visible in the Land's Sample Details table view) and variant annotations. Depending on the metadata content (sample attributes) and variant classifier configuration, this could be many columns so you may wish to specify only a subset of these which are of interest to display.


As this view is designed to display carrier status of functional variants, you may wish to further filter on additional variant annotations (e.g. SIFT) to narrow in on those most likely to have a biological effect:


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