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Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) could not find buckets file

When running the GSEA module, you have the option of building and building a database from your own msigdb.xml file.

If you you use a custom Gene Set database, you should run GSEA locally, by leaving "Perform the analysis on the server" unchecked:

GSEA module arrows.png

If you choose "Perform the analysis on the server", you will likely get an error such as "Could not find file msigdb_v5.1.buckets".

Run GSEA on server with custom buckets file

If you wish to run the analysis on the server:

  1. Build the file in the GSEA module
  2. Copy the msigdb_v#.#.buckets file from your local Omicsoft/Ontology folder
  3. Ask a user with Admin privileges to place this file in the server Omicsoft/OmisoftHome/Ontology folder

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