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A very useful oshell utility to FTP:

oshell --ftpupload ftpsite.com username password testcontrol.txt 2

The format of control file is:

  • Three columns tab delimited (no first row as column header): local file path, remote file path, action
  • Action must be one of “Replace”, “Default”, and “Delete”. If action is delete, the first column can be anything (even empty as long as it has a tab there)
  • Difference of “Replace” and “Default” is that “Default” will check file size and modified date and may decide to skip. In practice, “Default” is probably good enough.
  • The program will exit after 10 failed actions
  • The output contains the confirmation for all entries, and the first 10 errors, as well as # of successful actions.


C:\Temp\ColumnMetaData.txt	/temp/testftp/ColumnMetaData.txt	Default