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Error message: Instance creation is not successful

When submitting large numbers of jobs to Amazon Cloud, you may receive the message

[09:19:59] Error occurred from OJobProcess.Run. Error message=Instance creation is not successful. 
Error=You have requested more instances (50) than your current instance limit of 20 allows for the specified instance type. 
Please visit to request an adjustment to this limit.@@@

This is caused when the requested instance type (e.g. m4.large) is limited by Amazon, so the user will not be granted the number of instances requested in ParallelJobNumber.

You can find this information in AWS EC2 FAQ:

When you're in there, look for a section titled "Q: How many instances can I run in Amazon EC2".


Change Default Instance Type

ArrayServer.cfg separately specifies the default instance type for Alignment jobs and all other analysis jobs. The parameters OAlignInstanceType or OSummaryInstanceType can be changed by an ArrayServer administrator to an instance type with more permitted simultaneous jobs.

Change Job Instance Type

Users can specify the instance type used for Alignment or All other functions in the oscript, which will override the default set in the ArrayServer configuration file.

Request Increased Instances from Amazon

Users may request a larger allotment of the specific instance type by visiting Amazon AWS.


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