Error: Unable to read beyond the end of the stream

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Error: "Unable to read beyond the end of the stream"

On occasion, connecting to ArrayServer will result in a popup error:

Error UnableToReadBeyondTheEndOfTheStream.png

This may happen immediately when connecting to ArrayServer, or when opening a particular Land (e.g. MouseDisease_B38).

This is usually caused by a corrupted Gene Model file, but is easily fixed.

Solution: Re-sync Gene Model Files with Server

To resolve the issue, simply delete the gene model directories used in OmicSoft Lands

  1. Close all copies of Array Studio
  2. Navigate to your computer's OmicSoft Gene Model cache (usually My Documents\Omicsoft\ReferenceLibrary)
  3. Delete the following folders
    1. Human.B37.3_GeneModels
    2. Human.B38_GeneModels
    3. Mouse.B38_GeneModels
    4. Any Gene Models used in Internal Lands
  4. Re-open Array Studio, and connect to ArrayServer

What if I have custom Gene Models for these genomes?

If you have custom gene models (or just many gene models) for a reference genome (e.g. Human.B37.3), and don't want to re-sync all of them, you can specifically delete the files corresponding to the Land Gene Models:

  • Human.B37.3 Lands: OmicsoftGene20130723.gmodel2/.gmodel3/.gmodeldb2
  • Human.B38 Lands: OmicsoftGenCode.V24.gmodel2/.gmodel3/.gmodeldb2
  • Mouse.B38 Lands: Ensembl.R78.gmodel2/.gmodel3/.gmodeldb2

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