Error: Timeout exceeded while waiting for welcome message

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Error: "Timeout exceeded while waiting for welcome message"

When connecting to ArrayServer with Array Studio, the following message might appear:

Timeout exceeded while waiting for welcome message. Make sure you are connecting to an ordinary FTP or explicitly secured FTP/SSL server.



Recent ArrayServer machine restart

If the physical machine on which your ArrayServer software is installed was recently restarted, some basic configurations (including firewall settings) may not have been loaded. Ask your ArrayServer administrator to restart the ArrayServer software.

Firewall settings

If an Array Studio client installation on a new computer, or if connecting to a new ArrayServer, this likely indicates a firewall configuration issue. Discuss with your ArrayServer administrator/IT team about allowing all required ports for communicating with ArrayServer, including the specified ArrayServer.cfg ports for HTTP, TCP, and FTP, or check with OmicSoft support.

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