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Error when saving or publishing a project: Invalid or corrupted data

Server-based projects are maintained both on ArrayServer and as a cached copy on your local computer.

Rarely, when saving a server-based Array Studio project over a slow or unreliable connection, one of the project files may be incompletely transferred during syncing. This can lead to an error message such as "Invalid or corrupted data". Depending on the specific error, the corrupted file may be on the locally cached copy, or the server copy.

Step 1: Back up your project

To resolve the issue, you will need to trigger a re-sync between server and your computer. Before doing this, it is a good idea to back up both the local and server copy, then trigger a re-sync.

First close all copies of Array Studio, then perform the following steps.

Step 1a: Back up local copy

In your computer's File Explorer, navigate to your OmicSoft Home directory (usually Documents\Omicsoft\ServerProjects):


You should find a file named YourProjectName.ossprj and a folder named YourProjectName. Make a copy of the file and folder to a safe location.

Step 1b: Back up server copy

Now open Array Studio and connect to your ArrayServer, but do not open the project.

Switch to the Server tab, and open the Server File Browser:


Navigate to your ArrayServer ServerProjects folder (usually /ServerProjects/UserID):


Find the folder corresponding to your project, and download or copy this folder to a safe location.

Step 2: Trigger Resync

If the error occurred when opening a server-based project

If you previously opened a project successfully, but now receive an error message, a file in the locally cached project might be corrupted, so should be re-synced with the server copy.

After backing up your local copy, close Array Studio, then delete the folder and file corresponding to your project in your local copy (in the location at step 1a, above).

Open Array Studio, connect to ArrayServer, and open the project. Since your local cache is now empty, the server copy will be copied to your local cache, and the project should open.

If the error occurred when publishing a server-based project

If you can open and save your project, but attempts to publish the project result in an error, your server project copy has a corrupted file.

Open Array Studio and connect to your ArrayServer, but do not open the project.

In the location of your server project copy (step 1b, above), rename the project folder something similar to backup.ProjectName, then create a new empty folder named ProjectName.


Now open the project in the Analysis tab. Your local cache version will be loaded. Make a slight change to your project (e.g. sort a table column, change a View, etc.), then click Save. Your local cache copy will be copied to your server copy.

Now you should be able to publish your project.

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